4ms Mini PEG

Clock-synced envelope generator and LFO module.

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4MS 040335
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The Mini PEG is a clock-synced envelope generator and LFO whose envelope times are set by the time between clock pulses or “pings”. The Mini PEG is the latest version of the classic 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator.

Features :

  • Envelope length set by incoming clocks or “pings”
  • Ping button (tap tempo) or external clock/triggers set the envelope time
  • Div/Mult knob and CV jack divide and multiply ping clock from /32 to x16
  • Shape knob with full CV control for waveshaping the output envelope, includes various combinations of exponential, linear, logarithmic and interpolated curves
  • Cycle button and gate jack for looping envelopes
  • Scale knob acts as attenuating inverter for main envelope output
  • Maximum 9.5V peak-to-peak
  • Offset knob for setting DC offset, ranging from -9.4V to +9.4V
  • End-of-Fall (EOF) output jack goes high when envelope finishes a fall portion and low when envelope begins a fall portion
  • Jack can also be configured as End-of-Rise, Half-Rise, or Tap Clock Out
  • ENV OUT jack outputs scaled/offset envelope
  • 5V ENV jack output always produces a 0V to +5V envelope, independent from scale/offset
  • Trigger jack starts or re-starts an envelope
  • Can be configured as Quantized Trigger, Async Trigger, or Async Gate
  • Current Draw : +12V: 55mA / -12V: 30mA
  • 8HP Eurorack module
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