After Later Audio USB-2CH

Stereo DAC/ADC over USB.

€ 99,99
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Two channel USB module.

Standard Mode
- Send two channels into your USB device and receive two channels from USB.

Insert Mode
- Send two channels to your USB device and get a copy of the sent signal in the outputs.

Toggle between the modes via a pair of jumpers on the back. The USB-B to USB-A cable is provided with the module

Why use the cutting edge USB-B?
I felt the jacks were way more sturdy than mounting USB-C jacks vertically.


  • Bartender, Barbacks, DVCA, Cast Iron, Mingles, and USB-2CH can all be connected with Dupont cables (aka female to female breadboard cables) via pin headers on the back of the modules.  Connecting the in and out pins will send/receive the audio into the next module

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