AJH Synth Minimod Keyz Synth

Exciting new modular monosynth featuring the much acclaimed AJH MiniMod modules.

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AJH 040320
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The AJHSynth MiniMod Keyz synth is an exciting new modular monosynth featuring the much acclaimed MiniMod modules, which recreate the vintage circuitry and sound of the early RA Moog Model D in Eurorack modular format. It functions as a standalone keyboard synthesiser, or can be expanded even further by patching it to other Eurorack modules, with excellent connectivity.

These are partnered with the feature-packed Cre8audio Niftykeyz controller keyboard, which has been given a vintage makeover with custom-designed, American Walnut end cheeks. It has a huge specification, including a full size 49 note keybed that outputs Pitch CV's, gate CV's, Velocity and Aftertouch CV, along with a multi mode arpeggiator to give you total control over expression and sound.

The System includes the following modules:

  • Glide Noise
  • Discrete Transistor VCO x 3
  • Ring SM
  • Transistor Ladder Filter
  • Low Fat Filter
  • Discrete Cascaded VCA
  • Dual Contour generator
  • Tap Tempo VC-LFO
  • NiftyKeyz controller Keyboard

By combining these MiniMod modules with the Niftykeyz keyboard controller AJH created a stand alone MiniMod system that gives the huge, rich AJHSynth sound in a stand alone instrument with unrivalled performance capability. The open architecture of the Eurorack system already allows unlimited onboard patching and easy expansion by patching to other external Eurorack cases and modules, but now we can just as easily connect to a DAW, other Midi synths and pro audio equipment. It can also be used as a master controller for a DAW or other Midi sound modules. Needless to say, it lends itself very well to live performance as a stand alone monosynth. Here is a list of the main features of this very versatile keyboard controller :

  • High quality full size 49 key synth action keybed with CV outputs for both Velocity and aftertouch.
  • Five mode arpeggiator, including swing control, latch and sequencer mode. Range control allows Arpeggiator span to be varied from one to four octaves.
  • Two mode modulation wheel that can output either a variable CV voltage or control the level of the LFO 1 waveforms.
  • Internal LFO 1 that can generate Ramp, Saw, Triangle, Square or Random waveforms.
  • Front panel octave switch -1/ 0 / +1 octaves.
  • Transpose up or down in semitones by up to one octave.
  • Selectable pitch bend range, either +/- 2 semitones or +/- 1 octave.
  • Clock input and output.
  • Two active multi's for splitting CV and audio signals.
  • Switchable between Gate retrigger or legato (no retrigger when second note is pressed) modes.
  • Dual outputs, each with 2 x mix jacks, so four signals can be routed to outputs.
  • Aftertouch and expression pedal smoothing adds a glide to slowly increase the effect with time, selectable from 0 to 5 seconds.
  • Four Pitch CV outs and 4 Gate outs allows four voice modular polyphonic control and keyboard can be split into two zones.
  • Autochord function.

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