Advanced digital outputs generator module for eurorack.

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The general idea of the EXTRACTOR module is to activate one or more of its eight digital outputs depending on:

  • The voltage of the CV input signal.
  • Or sequentially by a CLK+RST.
  • Or both for a Sample&Hold.

The activation time of the 8 digital outputs can be set to a Trigger or a variable/infinite length Gate.
The EXTRACTOR module can be controlled by 8 different MODEs,  4 of wich are duplicated according to the wiring:

  • Dot loop (CLK)  or  Dot Down/Up (CV)
  • Bargraph loop (CLK)  or  Bargraph Down/Up (CV)
  • Dot loop inverted (CLK)  or  Dot inverted (CV)
  • Bargraph loop inverted (CLK)  or  Bargraph inverted (CV)
  • Pendulum
  • Dot Random
  • Multiple Random
  • S&H  (CV + RST)

Features :

  • Green LEDs for each digital output.
  • Two red LEDs for the high and low limitsGate duration adjustable between 0,1 and 5 Seconds.
  • Offset adjustement for the CV control.
  • Polarised power header and protection against reverse polarity.
  • Eurorack 6 HP wide.
  • Current draw : 60 mA +12V / 1 mA -12V / 0 mA 5V
  • Deep : 26mm
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