Alyseum HOLD

Expander module for the Alyseum SELECTOR.

€ 129,00
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The  HOLD is an optional SELECTOR module's companion which adds the features to it:

  • 8 digital addressed outputs, selectable between Trigger or Gate
  • 1 CV input to 8 analog addressed outputs, selectable between S&H or T&H.

The 8 digital and 8 analogue outputs are synchronized with the SELECTOR I/O.
Modes and features of the SELECTOR module are fully preserved when the HOLD module is added.


  • Power and data is connected to the SELECTOR module by a single 8-contact polarized ribbon cable.
  • Eurorack 6 HP wide

Important - Wichtig -  Importanti - belangrijk - Ważne – Σημαντικό
Only SELECTOR modules with a serial number equal or greater than 031-xxx are fitted with an extension connector.

If you already own a module with a serial number lower than 031-xxx, please order the HOLD module containing the hardware upgrade kit for your SELECTOR module.

This kit is sold at cost and can only be obtained with the purchase of the HOLD module.

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