Apollo View Allscillator

Eight simultaneously available waveforms module for your eurorack

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Modular System, LFOs, VCOs

“ALL” the oscillators. Eight simultaneously available waveforms outputs.

Wide-ranging (0.0011Hz – 10kHz) All analogue VCO / LFO / Ultra-LFO based on 3340, which utilises the full potential of the 3340’s capabilities and adds additional wave-shaped outputs.


  • Conventional outputs: Tri, Saw, & Pulse (PWM)
  • Additional wave-shaped outputs: Sine, Square Sine (saturated sine, ideal for kick drum synthesis and basses), Shark Tooth (à la Moog Model D), PWM Saw (à la Juno Alpha – think hoover basses and the like)
  • Sub selectable via switch: -1 Octave, -2 Octave and -2* Octave (sum of -1 + -2)


  • Quoted as the range achievable using the Frequency knobs, the ranges are extendable even further using the 1V/Oct input
  • Audio: 24.5Hz (G0) – 1397Hz (F6)
  • Coarse knob C1 to C6
  • Fine ±5 semitones
  • LFO: 1.5 seconds to 45Hz
  • Ultra LFO: 15mins to 12 seconds


  • 1V/Oct
  • Exp FM
  • Lin FM
  • PWM for Pulse and PWM Saw
  • Positive Edge Hard Sync
  • Negative Edge Hard Sync
  • Soft Sync (Negative Edge)

LEDs can either Flash with the -2 octave signal or be permanently on/off (selectable via a
jumper on the back)

Features :

  • 12HP
  • 40mm depth
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Current Draw :+12V 165mA / -12V 140mA

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