Bear Modules DUAL SLEW

Dual slew limiter module for eurorack modular synthesizer.

€ 79,00
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 There's nothing fancy about a slew limiter, so if you're here you know what you are looking for. This module does the trick and has two seperate channels with the exception that the top input is used as default input for the bottom channel too (handy!).

The switch on the left has two positions changing between linear and logarithmic 'slewing' and the three position right-hand switch enables you to choose "up and down", "only up" and "only down" slewing.

Nothing fancy, but it does the trick and because of that is a valuable addition to any modular system. With usage ranging from generating glides for your bassline, removing ticks when working with square wave CV's and even a basic ASR in combination with the BEAR Modules SMASH or Little Smashy.

Features :

  • 4hp
  • Power consumption 12v 18mA; -12v 0mA; 5v 0mA
  • Comes with cable and M3 screws
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