Bear Modules MATRIX MKII

14hp matrix mixer for cv & audio module for eurorack.

€ 119,00
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Modular System, Mixers

A 14 hp ‘four input x four output’ matrix mixer for audio and control voltages. Ideal for routing audio to FX or make interesting CV curves.
Every output has a unipolar bipolar switch. Unipolar works just like your normal mixer; bipolar works like an attenuverter (turning the knob clockwise will increase the signal, turning the knob anti clockwise over the zero point will increasingly invert the signal)
The smallest buffered matrix mixer out there.

What's new to the mkII:
* the possibility to expand your matrix with the MOREMATRIX. If four outputs are not enough for you, you can add as many expander modules as you want - as long as it fits in your system and your psu is strong enough of course.

The module is designed with 0dB headroom.

Features :

  • Power consumption 12v 32mA; -12v 32mA; 5v 0mA
  • includes cable and M3 screws
  • 14HP

The MOREMATRIX does not work with the earlier version of the MATRIX.

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