Bear Modules SW2TCH

stereo 4-1 switch module for eurorack modular synthesizer.

€ 85,99
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Well, what can we say about this one. Sometime you need a quick and dirty switch to choose from different (stereo) input signals. It has to be nothing fancy, it just need to work. For instance to use before and after a stereo processing unit which in this way could be quickly used and re-used for different signal paths.

Taking cables out, putting others in, taking them out again, putting them in – in a LIVE setting – that’s not very handy. So we created de SW2TCH for stereo signals, whose predecessor has now been in use since 2017 ( so it’s thoroughly tested).

The SW2TCH has a LED indicator for pointing out the active channel which is the only current it uses. The switching itself is done all passively.

A mono version – SW1TCH – is also available.

Features :

  • 6hp
  • Power consumption 12v 8mA; -12v 0mA; 5v 0mA
  • Includes cable and M3 screws
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