Bear Modules XXPRSS

One knob control voltage manipulation module for eurorack modular synthesizer.

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Unfortunately we humans only have two hands.. which can be a problem in synth space. Of course we found a lot of solutions with control voltages and automation, but sometimes you want or need to control several parameters by hand.. for instance in a live or experimental setting. That is where XXPRSS comes in.

XXPRSS is a 10hp control voltage / expression module; with one huge knob you can change 4 control voltages. There are four channels that work according the same principle: with range, offset and direction controls. 

The big knob sends out minus 5 to plus 5 volts, and can be attenuated by the ‘range’ pot on each channel. The ‘offset’ is also -5v to +5v.

The direction switch is what makes the whole thing extra interesting. You can change the output in the other direction than the Big Knob indicates. So if the big knob moves clockwise (from negative to positive), the direction switch makes that particular output send out a CV with the direction positive to negative.

  • Patch examples:
If you working with two filters in your audio chain, you can open one and close the other with only using one movement.

  • With two VCA's you can create a quick crossfade where one VCA closes while the second one opens.

Features :

  • Power consumption 12v 72mA; -12v 70mA; 5v 0mA
  • Deep : 25mm
  • 10HP
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