Beat Bars E&F2M

Dual footswitch and expression pedal MIDI USB adapter

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This adapter is simply a 2-in-1 connection of our EX2M and FS2M adapters. If you need both of these functions, you no longer need to buy two separate adapters.
The adapter is intended for use with existing expression pedals, footswitches and sustain pedals.
A conveniently placed pedal with MIDI functionality may be the missing element in your live performances, because it’s the guitar or keyboard that’s the most important thing in your hands!

For DJs :

This adapter will bring your computer and your real-world signal path together.

This little box takes the expression and footswitch pedal outputs and converts them to MIDI. Next, the MIDI is transferred to your DAW via a Micro-USB output.

For Guitarists

It can be used to turn pedals on or off in amp simulators or to switch entire sets of sounds.

For Keyboardists

Use this adapter with an ordinary sustain pedal. We know that playing without a sustain pedal is just not the same thing, and there are situations when you can’t connect the pedal to your keyboard or other instruments. With this adapter, thanks to MIDI, you will be able to incorporate the effect into your playing.

Simply connect a standard expression pedal, sustain pedal or footswitch (1-button and 2-buttons) to the adapter and to the USB port and it will be recognised as a MIDI device.
The device is powered from a computer via a USB port and does not require a battery.

Functions (configurable by the software, independently for each switch and expression pedal):

  • MIDI Channel
  • MIDI Message Type
    ◦ Control Change (CC)
    ◦ Program Change
    ◦ Pitch Bend Change
    ◦ Polyphonic Key Pressure (Aftertouch)
    ◦ Channel Pressure (Aftertouch)
    ◦ Note On
    ◦ System Real-Time (Clock, Start, Stop, Continue)
  • Toggle Mode:
    ◦ On/Off (2 configurable MIDI values)
    ◦ Impulse (1 configurable MIDI value)
    ◦ Toggle Controller/Program number
    ◦ Up/down Controller/Program number
    ◦ Toggle Note number
    ◦ Start/Stop | Continue/Stop
    ◦ Tap Tempo (MIDI clock)
  • MIDI Output Range
  • MIDI parameter value (depends on MIDI Message type, e.g. CC #)
  • Reversed Mode
  • Controller/Program parameters (depends on Toggle Mode)
  • Pedal Calibration
  • Factory Reset

Technical Specification :

  • Connections:
    ◦ Input: 2 × TRS jack socket ¼″ (6.35 mm) suitable for all standard expression pedals and 1-button and 2-buttons footswitches
    ◦ Output: Micro-USB socket
  • Included Accessories: 15 cm USB standard A-type male cable, for connection to any USB port on your computer
  • Power Source: USB bus
  • Power Consumption: ~40mA @ 5V
  • Data Transmission: Class-compliant MIDI over USB
  • Weight: 47 g
  • Dimensions: 83 × 40 × 25 mm
  • The adapter is compatible with Windows PC, Linux and Mac computers as well as with iPad Pro (3rd generation) tablets
    *The set does not include an expression pedal or a footswitch.
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