Befaco 1U Molten Moduler Motion MTR

Cv and Audio Utility / Realtime Virtualizer module in 1U

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Motion MTR allow you to mix, attenuate and invert signals while having clear visual feedback of their levels.
Each channel can function as:

  • Audio level control with VU meter
  • CV attenuator with voltage meter
  • CV inverter with voltage meter

Each input is normalled to 10v, so you can
use each of them to generate fixed voltages.
Also, the outputs of channels 1, 2 and 3 are summed into Out 4 to be used as a mixer.
Patch it wildly to make it work as an attenuverter with offset, as a mixer, a VU meter or a combination of them all!

Features :

  • Four channels attenuator.
  • CV and inverted CV visualization.
  • Audio VU meter mode.
  • Normalled inputs to 10v.
  • Outputs summed at OUT4.
  • Current Draw: +12v: 110 mA -12v: 30 mA
  • Width: 34HP
  • Depth: 30mm including power connector
  • Aluminium, heat-treated front panel.
  • Designed and assembled in Barcelona.
  • Concept design by Robin Vincent
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