Befaco 1U STMix

Four-channel stereo mixer in 28hp and 1U format for your eurorack modular synthesizer.

€ 109,00
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Modular System, Mixers, 1U

STMix is a four-channel stereo mixer in 28hp and 1U format. It can work independently or as an expansion of our Hexmix module via the six-pin connector located in the back. The module is designed under the Intellijel 1U format.

Features :

  • Four channels stereo inputs with volume control.
  • AC Coupled inputs to improve audio performance.
  • Output clipping LED indicators.
  • Connector at the back to interface with the Hexmix module.
  • 1U Intellijel format.
  • Current Draw : +12V: 30mA, -12V: 30mA
  • Width: 28 HP
  • Depth: 20mm (including power connector)
  • Aluminiun, heat-treated front panel
  • Designed, kits prepared and completed modules assembled in Barcelona
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