Befaco 7U Case

The ultimate 7U Portable Eurorack case.

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The ultimate Eurorack case.

At home, stage or into the studio, the Befaco 7U Case brings your system to the next level.

Power to the people

Equipped with our latest and most sophisticated power supply (Trolley Bus), the Befaco 7U Case supplies up to 5000mA of power. Ready to feed the most modern and power-hungry modules.

Connected to the world

The Befaco 7U Case rear panel count with a vast array of connections to pair your system with external devices. Each connector follows the Intellijel format, making them fully compatible with Intellijel’s 1U modules.

Build to last

Designed with a high-quality Unibody Black Anodised Aluminum frame, the Befaco 7U Case is a slim and sturdy solution to travel with. The included PET-G clear cover keeps your modules safe even patched.

Designed to fit any situation, the Befaco 7U Case metal frame is a lightweight and strong device by itself. With a maximum depth of 53mm (power supply side) and 70mm (rest of the case), it can house the vast majority of modules out there. Equipped with a high-quality anti-vandalic power button and a Kensington lock connector, the Befaco 7U Case is also a safe device to travel with.

Because power is important for us, our new Trolley Bus systems drop up to 5000mA on the +12V rail, 2500mA on -12V, and 4000mA on +5V with high voltage stability under load and low noise. The case drives up to 36 modules over its 208HP (3U) and 104HP (1U) rows (Intellijel format).

6x 6,3″ Jacks I/Os with Balanced and Unbalanced configuration, MIDI In/Out/Thru ports, USB Device Type B, and Apple compatible USB-A charging ports. The Befaco 7U Case offers a huge amount of connections fully accessible from its internal I/O Board.

Created with compatibility in mind, the rear panel ports are fully compatible with Intellijel 1U modules. The 1U row can be easily customized to be at the center of the case with just two screws.

To keep your modules safe and dust free, a custom PET-G clear cover is included with the case. The cover has been designed to close patched, and a custom velcro belt is included to keep it safely closed.

To save space in your studio desk, the Befaco 7U Case is also Vesa mount fully compatible. It counts with Vesa threads at the bottom to easily attach it to desktop or wall Vesa stands.

Features :

  • External Dimensions (without cover): 53.5cms x 31cms x 8cms
  • External Dimensions (with cover): 53.5cms x 31cms x 14cms
  • Internal Row Dimensions: 2x 3U 104HP and 1x 1U 104HP (Intellijel format)
  • Power supply Specifications: +12V: 5000mA, -12V: 2500mA, 5V: 4000mA
  • Module Depth: 53mm (power supply side), 70mm (rest of the case)
  • Module Slots: 36
  • Weight (without cover): 2.6kg
  • Weight (with cover): 3.4kg
  • Rear connectors: 6x 6’3″ Jack I/O (Balanced or Unbalanced), MIDI DIN In/Out/Thru, USB Device Type B, Apple compatible USB-A charging ports.
  • Power brick: 120W 2.5mm Barrel connector center positive (included)
  • Cover: PET-G Clear cover (included)
  • Finish: Black Anodised Aluminum
  • Vesa 100 format threads. Recommended Vesa stand: >12kg
  • Kensington Lock
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