Befaco FxBoy

A Multi FX module based on game carts!

€ 459,00
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FxBoy is a multi-FX module designed in collaboration with several talented manufacturers.

This is an effect unit with CV control over the parameters and Dry/wet control,  with a Built-in CV controllable four bands EQ.

Each effect is physically hosted in a hot-swappable game cart and designed by a different manufacturer: Touell Skouarn with Skuara a harsh fuzz with overdrive, Instruo with micro Phaser, a two-flavoured Phaser, Feedback modules with a vintage Flanger, XOR with FX-Girl, a digital double effect module: Delay + Granularizer, Making sound machines with an analog Wave folder, Tesseract with a bit crusher and Befaco Trash distortion!

Features :

  • CV control over all parameters and Dry/wet
  • CV controllable four-band EQ, routable post or pre-effect.
  • Hot swap for all carts.
  • Selector for two different flavours of each cart.
  • Open specifications to design your own carts
  • Current needs: +12V: 125mA, -12V: 100mA, 5v: 0mA
  • Width: 12 HP
  • Depth: 35 mm (including power connector)
  • Aluminium, heat-treated front panel.
  • Designed and assembled in Barcelona.
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