Bitwig Studio 3 Winter Special 2020

Bitwig Studio 3 Winter Special 2020

Winter is upon us, so put on your warmest socks and get into the studio. Bitwig is celebrate the season and the remaining weeks of a peculiar year with our annual Winter Special.
 Get your flavor of Bitwig Studio now, this limited offer ends January 10, 2021.

You will get the latest version 3.3.

Here's what's new:

  • Polymer: The hybrid modular synthesizer built to be fun and quick
  • Polymerics: A new sound package with 200 presets, exploring the vast sonic terrain that Polymer has opened
  • A world of wavetable in The Grid and Polymer including a new package with 139 wavetables
  • The new Sections Page gives you permanent access to scenes and markers
  • For cleaner editing: Free content scaling for audio and notes, improved handling of fades and Clip boundaries, and transient-preserving behaviors
  • New modulators, new modulation routing curves
  • And lots more.

Check the prodcuts belowe for the special price.


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