Gear Up and Win !

Gear Up and Win !

Gear Up and Win !

What better way to start your summer holiday than buying new gear and having a chance to win a complete home studio ? Buy ADAM Audio, Audix, Bitwig, iConnectivity, IsoAcoustics and Moog products between 19-07-2021 and 31-08-2021 and get the chance to win a complete home studio, consisting of a pair of ADAM Audio T5V studio monitors, a Moog Werkstatt-01 + CV Expander synth, an iConnectivity AUDIO4c audio interface, a pair of Audix A140 studio headphones, a Bitwig Studio 4 license and finally a set of IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK mini’s.

Buy an eligible product* between 19-07-2021 and 31-08-2021 and get the chance to win big ! All you have to do is register your purchase here latest 05-09-2021 and keep an eye on your dealer’s and our social media channels to see if you are the lucky winner. Multiple purchases can be registered individually and will increase your chance of winning !

If you win a product you already own, you can give it to your producer buddy. Good karma for you, cool gear for your friend.

*Qualifying ADAM Audio products :

A3X, A5X, A7X, A77X, A8X, S2V, S3H, S3V, S5H, S5V, S6X, SP-5, SUB7, SUB8, SUB10 MK2, SUB12, SUB15, SUB2100, T5V, T7V, T8V, T10S

*Qualifying Audix products :

A10, A10X, A127, A131, A133, A135, A137, A140, A145, A150, A152, A160, ADX10FLP, ADX12, ADX20, ADX40, ADX51, ADX60, APS2, APS911, ATS10, CabGrabber, CabGrabber XL, D2, D4, D6, DN4, DP4, DP5, DP7, DP Elite 8, DP QUAD, F2, F50, F6, F9, FireBall, FireBall V, FP5, FP7, GS1, HT2, HT5, I5, M1250, M1255, M1280, M3, M40, M55, M60, M70, MB5050, MG12, MG15, MG18, MicroD, MicroHP, OM2, OM3, OM5, OM6, OM7, OM11, SCX1, SCX25A, TM1, TM2, USB12, VX5, VX10

*Qualifying Bitwig products :

Bitwig Studio 4, Bitwig Studio 4 EDU, Bitwig Studio 16-Track, Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan, Bitwig Studio Upgrade from 8-Track, Bitwig Studio Upgrade from 16-Track

*Qualifying iConnectivity products :

AUDIO4c, mioXC, mioXM, mioXL, PlayAUDIO12

*Qualifying IsoAcoustics products :

ISO-130, ISO-155, ISO-200, ISO-200SUB, ISO-430, ISO-PUCK, ISO-PUCK 76, ISO-PUCK mini, STAGE 1

*Qualifying Moog Music products :

16 Channel Vocoder, Claravox, DFAM, Etherwave Plus, Etherwave Standard, Grandmother (Dark), Matriarch (Dark), Minitaur, Model 10, Moog One, Mother-32, Sound Studios, Subharmonicon, Subsequent 25, Subsequent 37, Theremini, Werkstatt-01 + CV Expander


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