Dannysound VU Meters

VU Meters Eurorack module.

€ 219,00
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The Dannysound VU Meters is designed to be used with 2 x Dynamics modules. The modules connect internally via 2x3 pin ribbon cables. The meters provide a visual representation of various signals within the Dynamics modules making settings easier.

Features :

  • External input sockets for monitoring external sources.
  • Switch to select high or low meter sensitivity or off if the clicking needles get annoying!
  • Monitoring of the compression/expansion amount.
  • Monitoring of the unprocessed input level.
  • Monitoring of the compressor/expander output level.
  • Current Draw : 0.03mA at +12V / 83mA at -12V / 3mA at +5V
  • Deep : 51mm
  • 8HP
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