Doepfer A-100 Bus Board V6

Eurorack busboard for 14 modules.

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Modular System, Power, DIY

Bus board to connect 14 modules

An assembled and tested bus board, 22 sockets, e.g. for customers who want to built their own case and need a bus board for A-100 modules, includes cables for connection to +/-12V power supply (4 wires with flat connectors on both ends, length about 30cm), but no mechanical parts (e.g. screws, spacers, nuts, washers).

In the new version of the A-100 bus board (labeled Version 6 / 2019) boxed pin headers are used which are equipped with a reverse protection (gap for the “nose” of the socket of the bus cable). When the bus cable coming from the module is connected to the boxed header in question the “nose” has to point to the right. The polarity of the cable is correct if the red wire of the bus cable then points to the bottom (to the continuous line labeled “RED WIRE” on the pc board). If this is not the case please do not connect the module to the bus board ! Otherwise both the module and the power supply (A-100PSU3) may be damaged !  In that case please contact the manufacturer of the module and ask for a suitable bus cable with the correct polarity of the connector.
The bus cables of original A-100 modules manufactured by Doepfer are equipped with suitable bus cables since 2012. Only for older A-100 modules manufactured before 2012 it may happen that the polarity of the 16 pin female connector of the bus cable is wrong (nose points to the left when red wire points to the bottom). This is because in the past unboxed pin headers were used and the position of the “nose” did not matter. In such a case please contact Doepfer or one of their dealers and order a suitable bus cable.

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