Dreadbox Erebus Reissue

Analog Paraphonic Desktop Synthesizer also in eurorack format.

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The Dreadbox Erebus Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer is a re-issue of one of Dreadbox's most iconic synthesizers, providing more warmth and added snappy-ness than previous versions. This re-issue is also only limited to 200 pieces worldwide - so get it while you can!

Two powerful oscillators are equipped with two waveforms each as well as 'Glide' and 'Hard Sync' function controls. Shape your sound using the two-pole low-pass pre-fed filter and the ADSR/AR Amp envelope. The AR Amp envelope has also been upgraded to be snappier than the original version 1 unit.

From 80s-style bass sounds to ethereal tones and pads, the Erebus is a tonal powerhouse that gives you all the tools you need to create unique analog sounds. Add some power to your low-end using the voltage-controlled LFO with expanded depth for expansive tonal exploration. The OT VCA is reminiscent of vintage synthesizers, controlling the amplitude modulation of the 'Amp'. The Dreadbox Erebus also features onboard MIDI connectivity as well as 15 patch points including CV input and outputs for use with external synths and other audio gear.

Building on the success of the original Erebus design, this limited re-issue takes the design a step further, providing a warmer and snappier overall sound. A must-have tool for sound design and live music performance, the Erebus provides an intuitive interface that lets you craft your sound with the turn of a few dials. The classic Dreadbox filter returns in the form of a 2-pole 12db/octave pre-fed resonating low-pass filter, providing a more edgy and aggressive sound compared to standard filters. It can even self-oscillate when the resonance control is pushed to 100 percent.

The AR Amp provides added ‘snap’ compared to the original version 1, perfect for creating crisp and more aggressive tones. Equipped with two oscillators (each with two waveforms), the Erebus features independent glide controls as we as well as a Hard Sync function for both oscillators. The LFO provides a wide range for added depth in the low-end as well as a switch for toggling between the two waveforms available. There is also an onboard Lo-Fi delay effect which can be useful for expanding your sounds and creating something more ethereal.

Expanding its advanced sound design capabilities, the Dreadbox Erebus features 15 patch points in total including CV I/O connectivity, as well as an integrated MIDI interface. The MIDI interface features three dedicated switches to toggle between the various modes. The first switch allows you to toggle keyboard re-triggering on the ADSR envelope. The second switch allows you to choose between two-voice polyphony or ‘Unison’ mode. The third switch allows you to toggle between ‘Omni’ and ‘Chan’ settings. When set to Omni, all channels will be active; whereas switching to Chan will play the last channel received when the switch was in Omni mode.

Features :

  • Limited re-issue of Dreadbox’s now-iconic paraphonic analog synthesizer ‘Erebus’ – limited to 200 units worldwide
  • Warmer and snappier than the original version
  • All-analog circuitry
  • Two oscillators with two waveforms each
  • Independent glide/hard sync controls for each oscillator
  • Classic Dreadbox filtering - 2-pole 12db/octave pre-fed resonating low pass filter
  • Lo-Fi delay effect for expanding your sound
  • Create everything from basses to ethereal pads
  • CV I/O connectivity with 15 patch points
  • Onboard MIDI interface with three setting switches
  • LFO with an expanded range
  • 42HP case
  • 1 x DIN5 to 3.5mm adapter
  • 1 x Ribbon cable

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