Dreadbox Hades Reissue

Analog Bass Desktop Synthesizer also in eurorack format.

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The Dreadbox Hades Analog Bass Synthesizer is a compact, monophonic desktop synth for sound designed to create powerful and fat bass tones. Equipped with an oscillator with two sub-octaves and two waveforms as well as a triangle LFO with an ultra-wide range, you can create monstrous bass sounds with the turn of a few dials.

As well as being a desktop standalone unit, you can remove the outer casing to integrate Hades into your Eurorack modular rig. The 'super fat' oscillator provides the power and warmth only accessible via analog synthesis. Shape your sound using the three-pole resonating low pass filter, as well as the AD/RS envelope and the AR Amp envelope.

Push things to the extreme using the built-in OTA distortion circuit – perfect for creating aggressive and distorted bass sounds. Hades features 11 patch points in total, as well as an integrated MIDI interface, so you can use it with external gear such as Eurorack modules and synthesizers. Taking after its name, Hades allows you to delve into the depths of sound design with grisly tonality.
First released in 2016, Hades has been one of the most iconic synths from

Dreadbox, garnering praise from countless artists for its sheer low-end power. This faithful reproduction of the original retains all the features and components that made the original so sought after. One of the most prominent parameters in Hades is the warm 3-pole 18dB/oct resonating OTA-based low pass filter, providing a frequency range between 20Hz and 20kHz so you can shape your sound with maximum precision. It also has a built-in AR envelope generator for sculpting your sound further with intuitive controls that allow you to make quick changes – perfect for live performances.

Expanding its advanced sound design capabilities, the Dreadbox Hades features 11 patch points in total including CV I/O connectivity, as well as an integrated MIDI interface. The MIDI interface features three dedicated switches to toggle between the various modes. The first switch allows you to toggle keyboard re-triggering on the ADSR envelope. The second switch allows you to choose between ‘OMNI’ and ‘CHAN’ settings with OMNI allowing you to make all channels active, whereas ‘CHAN’ will play the last channel received when the switch is in OMNI mode. The MIDI interface also allows you to track pitching up to 9 octaves.

Features :

• Monophonic analog bass synthesizer/Eurorack module
• 1 x VCO with 2 sub octaves (3 voices in total)
• Pulse width and Glide controls
• 3-pole 18dB/oct resonating low pass filter
• OTA Distortion Circuit for extreme sounds
• OTA-based VCA
• Two envelope generators
• Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain (extra snappy and patchable)
• Attack, Release (VCA hardwired)
• Triangle Wave LFO
• 11 patch points in total
• Built-in MIDI interface
• Can be removed from the outer casing to integrate with Eurorack rigs

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