dsp.coffee KALI

Time-Domain Boss / Bringer of Doom module for your modular synthesizer.

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The core idea for KALI is that complex and musical sonic patterns/beats can be created naturally by combining a modulated audio source with a time-domain (i.e. a delay) effect, especially if the modulation is synchronized to the effect.

Kali has two major sections to facilitate this.

  • 32-bit (Float) 48000khz StereoTime Domain FX Processor

  • 6 x Bipolar 12-bit CV Outs (Approx -7v to 7v*) + 2 x Clocks

The L and R delay times are the main timebase to which everything else is synchronized; the rates of everything else can be adjusted in multiples of this time, both independently and (with the lfo rate knob) all at once.
** Not factory calibrated, digital fine tuning available.

Specs :

Kali is built around an Electrosmith Daisy Patch Submodule, an embedded development platform (STM32 H7 @ 480mhz) with a high fidelity PCM3060 codec.

Audio input/output is 48000khz @ 24-bit, internally 32-bit (floating point). Input gain (on PCM3060 itself) can be adjusted from -100db to +20db.

Because of the generous SDRAM on the Daisy Patch Submodule, these delay lines have a maximum time of roughly 150 seconds per channel (we cap it at 10 seconds in most modes as that has proven to be a good generally useful range, but this maximum can be changed).

CV outputs are all 12-bit, and lowpassed to mitigate aliasing. Output range is -7v to 7v, most LFO modes can be toggled between bipolar and unipolar output.

Currently their sample rate is once per block of audio, or 500hz.


Sync in by pulse/trigger or TRS MIDI In (A or B, thx to lpzwmodules).
Pulse sync out x2

FX Modes

  • Synchronized basic/ping-pong delay.

  • Chorus.

  • Numerous granular delays / dumb harmonizers.

  • Distortion (Waveshaping, Diode, Wavefolding, Saturation, Modulo) -> Delay.
  • Basic delay w/ external feedback loop (Mono: L in -> L out -> Ext Loop -> R in -> R out).
  • "Freeze" button - loops slices of the delay buffer.

  • Master reverb (ReverbSc from daisysp)

LFO Modes

Modulators synchronized to multiples of main delay time.

  • Basic LFO: Sine, Tri, Saw, Ramp, Pulse & Polyblep Tri, Saw, Pulse.

  • Sample & Hold

  • Track & Hold

  • Random Reset (Basic LFO Shapes)

  • Random Shape

  • Glacier (Basic LFO Shapes, speed / 100).
Jitter (Basic LFO Shapes w/ random phase distortion)

  • Clocks (More pulse clock out)

  • Constant (Sends constant voltage out)

Features :

  • Current Draw : 200 mA +12V / 75 mA -12V0 mA
  • Deep : 29mm
  • 24HP
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