Elektron Digitone e25 Remix Edition

Limited run of eight voice polyphonic digital synthesizer.

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Introducing a time hack to disorientate, reorientate, and deliver you to bliss. In recognition of a quarter century of existence, we have dreamt up the e25 Remix Edition: a limited run of silver-faced units, spread across Digitakt, Digitone, and Syntakt. Inspired by yesteryear, and hell-bent on pulling your sounds through the veil of possibility and into reality.

The e25 Remix Editions don't just come with special versions of already unique music-making machines. We have included a number of other special additions to accompany your extra-special edition.

The instruments themselves are hand-built in stainless steel, individually numbered and bearing laser-etched logos. The box too is unique in its design and build, containing e25 poster versions, and a multiple decade-covering/greatest hits sticker sheet. And the e-shaped cherry on top is a special Remix Edition cassette tape featuring an hour of original and eclectic music from the Elektron Team.

Limited edition complete with unique box, poster, sticker sheet, and cassette tape packed with tunes from the Elektron Team.
Combine the powers of FM and subtractive synthesis in a compact, feature-packed tabletop instrument. Create, modulate and sequence original, colorful, and harmonic FM sounds at the twist of a wrist.

Key Features :

  • Eight voice polyphonic digital synthesizer
  • 4 synth tracks & 4 MIDI tracks
  • Easy-to-use 4-operator FM synthesis
  • 1 Multimode filter, 1 Base-width filter, 2 assignable LFOs per voice
  • Delay, reverb, chorus, and overdrive per voice
  • 64-step Elektron sequencer
  • Song Mode lets you create, edit & play compositions
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