Endorphin.es Ghost Pedal Silver

Multi Dimensional standalone effects chain pedal / processor.

€ 524,99
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Immerse yourself and go beyond the boundaries of what is possible with a conventional guitar or synth pedal. GHOST PEDAL brings you new possibilities of tone shaping with its state of the art flexible audio routing chain, allowing you to jump between dimensions with a single press of a button.

From earth shaking subharmonics and distorted drones to angelic shimmer reverbs and anything in between, GHOST is a PEDAL for the adventurous sound designers and the most demanding guitar and synth players.

Intuitive UI coupled with hands-on control and preset storage allows you to stay in the now and focus on your performance.

Features :

  • unique user interface showing parameter values and real-time modulations

  • line or high-impedance JFET guitar inputs with cabinet simulator

  • full MIDI control over every parameter incl. MIDI clock over LFO and delay

  • true relay stereo, buffered and trails bypass modes

  • bipolar LFO and expression pedal assignments to any parameter

  • 3 reverb and 3 filter types, incl. comb with resonator, six possible routing variations
reverb freeze, delay looper, spring reverb with virtual spring excite

  • three footswitches let you change assignable parameters (tap tempo/freeze/spring excite), select presets and bypass with your feet

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