eowave Portail

Classic midi to cv/gate interface module for eurorack.

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Portail is a cv gate interface that can be configured using a web configurator or a simple embed editor.
It can be connected to various devices via the TRS Midi socket or the USB C port.

The interface can be configured in several ways:

  • create classic cv/gate outputs
  • create polyphonic cv/gate outputs with different modes
  • create drum stacks to trigg gate with consecutive midi notes
  • create dynamic gates outputs with the gate level reacting note velocity
  • output midi clock, whose division will be controllable with midi cc
  • output internal envelopes and lfos whose parameters are controllable with cc and more.

On each different mode it's possible to add filters like gate probability, scale quantizer...

A simple embedded editor will allow simple midi learn assignations as well as user and factory preset recall, while a web editor (currently in development) will be here to configure more in-depth the Portail.


  • classic midi to cv/gate interface
  • Output envelopes, LFOs
  • Connect your external sequencer, groovemachines, computer
  • Skiff friendly
  • Current Draw : ???
  • Deep : ???
  • 5hp
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