eowave Ricochet

Four decay envelopes with its own VCA's and an integrated noise generator module for eurorack.

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The Ricochet consists of four decay envelopes, each with its own VCA and an integrated noise generator. The individual envelopes have an exponential structure and are particularly suitable for percussion sounds. Through the "unique linking function", a trigger signal is passed on to the next envelope at the end of the decay time of an envelope.

With the trimmer on the front, the threshold value can be set at which the next envelope is triggered. In addition, two Ricochet modules can be connected together on the back or set so that the last envelope triggers the first one again. This creates a chaotic sequencer.


  • Compact module (14 HP) with 4 envelopes and 4 VCAs.
  • Chaining of the envelopes
  • Completely analogue structure
  • Trigger inputs with velocity response
  • Two Ricochet modules can be linked together
  • Separate inputs, outputs and sum output
  • Analogue noise generator
  • Deep : 22mm
  • 4HP


  • Envelope generator
  • Drum shaper
  • Hi-Hat
  • Clap envelope shaper
  • Sequencer
  • Trigger Delay
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