eowave Tempête Magnétique

Fully analogue complex filter/synthesizer module for eurorack.

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The Tempête Magnetique is a fully analogue complex filter/synthesizer module designed as an evolution of the Fluctuation Magnetique. More than an mk2, eowaves designed it to encourage you to play with one of the most interesting things in modular synthesis: diverting the primary use of a module to create unexpected and new sounds (aka this is not just a filter).

The circuits feature high-pass, band-pass and low-pass modes with a slope of -12 dB per octave. Routing options allow serial or parallel operation. Level potentiometers at the input stages make it possible to generate asymmetrical distortion. By connecting several of the VCFs in series, users can create filter types with a slope of up to -48 dB per octave. For modulations, there are several CV inputs.
The basic character of the Tempête Magnétique is gentle and very musical. However, with high input level settings, it is also possible to achieve beefy, rather rough results. The circuits can’t self-oscillate, unless the user patches a feedback loop. Parallel routing allows, in combination with a VCO, VCA and some modulators, lively, very expressive basses, leads and pads. Atmospheric stereo processing and vocal sounds are other areas of expertise.

The pairs sections, of course, can filter an incoming signal, But can be transformed to synthesis voice, percussion engine (exited by the ping input) and way more.

Features :

  • Four independents or linkable multi-modes 12 db filter
  • Envelope follower who can act as end decay envelope sensible to the velocity - Cross modulation engine who modulate both pair of filters
  • Ping input
  • Outputs with phase correction to be fed to inputs
  • Deep : 20mm
  • 22HP
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