eowave Volcan

Dual analog function generator module for eurorack.

€ 136,00
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The Volcan is a dual analog function generator that also can be used as Slew-Limiter with control on the attack and decay parameter. The two envelopes can be used for different purposes like as an oscillator, LFO, AD and ASR envelope generator, and slew limiter with independent control over rise and fall parameter. Both envelopes can be triggered with a velocity responsive positive and negative gate.

With the Curve parameter, the envelopes can be set from exponential to logarithmic and from slow LFO to very fast envelopes. Volcan is a utility module that finds its place everywhere.

Features :

  • AD ASR Envelopes generator
  • Slew limiter with different slew on rise and fall
  • Gate delay
  • LFO/oscillator
  • 10hp
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