Erica Synths Stereo Compressor

THAT chip-based stereo compressor module for your eurorack.

€ 205,00
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Modular System, Dynamics

Everything sounds better with compression – whether you need a bit of extra pressure for your drum sounds or just that extra touch to make your modular mix more nimble and tight, the Erica Synths Stereo Compressor will make your live performances a joy.

The module is optimized for percussion sounds and will be a great addition to any Erica Synths Drum module rig. The Stereo sidechain can be used to animate melodic layers on the beat and to truly bring your Basslines to life.

Features :

  • THAT chip-based stereo compressor
  • DC coupled sidechain
  • Gain, Threshold and Compression Amount (Ratio) settings
  • Stereo Link for level detectors
  • Bypass switch
  • 8 segment output level VU meter
  • Current Draw : +60mA, -22mA
  • Deep 35mm
  • 10HP
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