Frap Tools I

Insert module for the CGM mixer series.

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Modular System, Mixers

The Fraptools CGM Insert module allows you to add stereo effects to the CGM mixer series, either by inserting them between two points on the internal summing bus, or by placing them in parallel, like a rudimentary stereo send and return.

It consists of two pairs of inputs and outputs with dedicated gain switches. The first O/I stereo pair is the insert circuit, while the second is the parallel circuit.

The Insert module can be used:

  • between a group and a master
  • between a group and a group
  • between a channel and a group
  • between a channel and a channel
  • between a channel and a master (without a group)

The module gets delivered with two inserts cable which are compatible with every module of the CGM Line.

Features :

  • Current Draw : 35 mA +12V / 35 mA -12V
  • Deep : 38mm
  • 6HP
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