Future Sound Systems TG4

The Gristleizer VCA module for your eurorack.

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FSS 040008
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Modular System, VCAs

The Gristleizer Modulator presents another key component of the Gristleizer in a Eurorack module - its JFET-controlled voltage-controlled amplifier. Whilst originally controlled by the Gristleizer's oscillator to achieve tremolo (or amplitude modulation) effects, the TG4 can be controlled by any control source available in a Eurorack system and, therefore, be used as a conventional VCA with some added features.

The Bias control sets the initial control point of the amplitude modulation, whilst a control voltage attenu-verter for CV2 allows for full control over how the amplitude is modulated. On top of this, the TG4 features a Dirt control, which allows the user to fade between the VCA's clean output and the distorted output of the JFET. Note that the JFET tends to exhibit second-harmonic distortion, similar to that of vacuum-tube amplifiers.

Therefore, the TG4 presents not just a VCA, but also a module for adding distortion and character to audio signals.

Features :

  • Current Draw :13 mA +12V / 13 mA -12V
  • Deep 26mm
  • 8HP
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