Herbs and Stones Legs

Analog kick and percussion synthesizer module in eurorack format.

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Modular System, Drums

Legs is an analog kick and percussion synthesizer module in eurorack format.
It is based around a triangle core voltage controlled oscillator and a two levels voltage controlled saturation stage.

Each parameter has its own dedicated CV input, when a control signal is patched into any of the inputs its corresponding knob will act as a CV attenuator.

Two independent gate/trigger input with level control can be used to create accents, pattern changes and generally work on track dynamic.
Each of those inputs has its own trigger conditioner circuit so it can accept different types of signals, not necessarily rectangular waves or short triggers (its threshold is set at +2.5V).

The CV inputs expect voltages in the 0-5V range (a negative voltage won’t damage the unit and won’t affect the sound).
From rumbling low end basses to distorted warehouse window-breakers, Legs can synthesize it all.

Features :

  • base: sets the base frequency of the voltage controlled oscillator
  • drive: sets the amount of distortion
  • drive switch: sets the distortion amount range
  • length: sets the duration of the percussion sound
  • bend: sets the curve of the envelope generator that controls the oscillator frequency
  • bend amount: sets how much the envelope generator affects the oscillator pitch
  • base CV input: CV control for the base frequency parameter
  • length CV input: CV control for the length parameter
  • bend CV input: CV control for the bend parameter
  • drive CV input: CV control for the distortion parameter
  • trigger A level: sets the level of impact of trigger A (to create accents and work on dynamics)
  • Trigger A: input for trigger A
  • Trigger B: input for trigger B
  • out: 10Vpp signal output
  • width: 12hp

  • maximum depth: 22mm
power consumption: +12V 12mA, -12V 8mA
output impedance: 1kΩ

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