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Diatonic, polyphonic, bipolar voltage quantizer.

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Harmonàig is a diatonic, polyphonic, bipolar voltage quantizer.

From one CV signal, four are generated with harmonised intervals the outline the Root, 3rd, 5th and 7th degrees of musical chords.

The Harmonàig keeps things diatonic and harmonically relevant. Sequencing chord progressions can now be achieved as quickly as sequencing leads and bass lines.

The Harmonàig brings new methods of harmonic patching to eurorack. It is designed with an intuitive interface that allows users to compose and perform quickly with their preferred oscillators and sound sources.

No understanding of music theory? No problem.

The Harmonàig allows you to play with chord progressions and harmonisations within a patch with the same ease as you would a monophonic voice. Intuitively sweep through modalities and chord voicings on the fly and match whichever harmonic tone or feel you’re looking for. With many Diatonic structures pre-programmed, you can sweep through a world of complex harmonic progressions without ever needing to know the theory behind why it sounds so good.

When patched into the 1V/octave inputs of up to four independent oscillators, the Harmonàig will tune harmonic structures and chord progressions that can be derived from a single incoming CV signal. Performance mode allows the module to be played directly from the keyboard.

Looking to incorporate your music theory knowledge into your patching?

With the Harmonàig you can play and sequence any 4 part voicing imaginable and if that particular 7th chord isn’t available, any chord or esoteric chromatic cluster can quickly be assigned to 4 available custom chords. Add to that the ability to quickly switch between the seven ionian modes as well as the modes of the harmonic minor scale and there’s not much you can’t do.

Features :

  • +/–10V (20 octave) CV input range with attenuverter
  • +/–10V (20 octave) CV output range for all 4 chord tones
  • Analogue Slew limiter per CV output
  • Gate/Trigger output for Performance and Quantizer modes respectively
  • Large horizontal button keyboard for ease of control and performance
  • Automatic, manual or CV selectable chord qualities
  • -∆7 (minor major 7)
  • O (diminished 7)
  • Ø (minor 7♭5)
  • -7 (minor 7)
  • 7 (dominant 7)
  • ∆7 (major 7)
  • +∆7 (augmented major 7)
  • +7 (augmented 7)
  • Four user definable chord voicings (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Independant CV controllable chord inversion and voicings
  • Pre-quantization transposition and global offset transposition
  • Current Draw : +12V: 130mA / –12V: 25mA
  • 27mm Deep
  • 18hp
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