Instruo Tágh v2

“Swiss Army Knife” modulation source module for your eurorack modular synth.

€ 305,00
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The Instruō tágh is a “Swiss Army Knife” modulation source. It features an analogue sample and hold, digital random voltage generator, morphing LFO, and probabilistic trigger generator, and white noise generator, all with a unique phase-adaptive tap tempo functionality.

After many iterations of random voltage generation experiments, tágh’s 6 algorithms were meticulously curated to meet the needs of the designer. Once realised, it was quick to see its importance in small and big systems alike.

These 6 random algorithms include :

  • Classic Stepped Random
  • Repeatable Stepped Random
  • Chaos
  • LFO, Probability-
  • Synced LFO
  • Downsampled LFO.

At only 4 HP, tágh is a true modulation workhorse.

Features :

  • Analogue sample and hold
  • Analogue white noise generator (normalled to sample and hold)
  • Six digital random voltage generating algorithms
  • Inbuilt bias and attenuation controls
  • Smart tap tempo follower with manual button
  • Steady and rhythmically-relevant clock generator
  • Internal or external clock options of analogue sample and hold
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