Intellijel Stomp

Effects Pedal Send/Return w/Expression Control & LFO for your eurorack.

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Expand your palette of possibilities by fully integrating your favourite guitar and bass fx pedals into the world of Eurorack modular.

Eurorack is a synthesist’s toy chest. Stompboxes are a guitarist’s toy chest. Each industry offers a seemingly infinite variety of products that enable musicians to build systems unique to their needs and to create a signature sound. Each is also somewhat addictive. Rare is the musician who doesn’t eventually need a larger toy chest to house the accumulated toys.

Fortunately for the budget-conscious musician, Eurorack modules and stompboxes have always existed in separate worlds — someone whose Eurorack system consumes an entire wall in their home is usually not the same person whose pedalboard now requires a dedicated roadie just to transport it to the gig.

Intellijel’s Stomp removes the barrier between Eurorack and stompboxes. It provides the modular synthesist with a portal to stompbox nirvana, and the guitarist with a wormhole to the sonic manipulations of Eurorack modules.

Stomp enables the modular synthesist to interact with the impressive assortment of delays, choruses, flangers, phasers, fuzz boxes, tremolos, wah-wahs, amp simulators, compressors, and pitch shifter pedals available to guitarists. If your effects pedal is adorned with an expression pedal input, Stomp supports that too, and even features a built-in LFO to modulate your pedal’s expression input. Need something crazier? No problem. Simply patch any modulation source from your modular system into the expression control jack to override the built-in LFO.

Conversely, guitarists can plug their guitar directly into Stomp’s RETURN jack, giving them access to the myriad filters, ring mods, wavefolders and — most importantly — the near-infinite CV modulation delights inherent in Eurorack.

Features :

  • Robust Neutrik 1/4″ TS connectors for the SEND/RETURN and TRS for the Expression interface
  • Signals arriving at Stomp’s RETURN jack pass through a Class A triode emulator, allowing for some tube-like overdrive at high gain setting.
  • SEND output is normalled to RETURN input so even without 1/4″ cables you can route Eurorack signals through the FET stage for coloring.
  • Stomp is more than just a simple level shifter — it’s also an impedance converter, which provides proper drive and loading for any FX pedals or instruments you connect.
  • Separate gain controls on both the SEND and RETURN. This enables you to adjust the level of any audio being sent to the FX pedals as well as any audio coming back into the modular. Not only does this allow you to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio, but by significantly boosting the RETURN level, you can achieve some pleasingly overdriven tones.
  • Supports both Instrument and Line levels via a front panel switch.
  • Use Stomp’s RETURN circuit as a “direct box” for connecting any instrument.
  • The high input impedance of the RETURN circuit allows it to be used as a piezo pickup preamp for acoustic instruments.
  • Use Stomp in the studio as an active “re-amping” device to play pre-recorded tracks back through guitar amplifiers or pedals.
  • All inputs are protected for minimum RF interference.
  • Return signal can be phase inverted for use with those pedals or effects types that invert phase.
  • Low SEND output impedance for driving long cables, lower noise, and minimum interference from outside sources.
  • The Expression Pedal Output converts analog CV sources (or the internal LFO) into an output compatible with most stompbox Expression inputs
  • .If the internal LFO is set to 0Hz (full CCW), the EXPR knob can be used as a manual expression pedal control level.
  • Current Draw : 47mA @ +12v / 13mA @ -12V
  • Deep : 35mm
  • 8hp
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