Intellijel SVF 1U

Voltage-controlled multimode filter in 1U.

€ 169,00
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Modular System, Filters, 1U

The perfect multimode, voltage-controlled filter for sweet-sounding subtractive synthesis duties or to form the basis of more complex patches. Punchy, clean, and precise.

Explore new sounds through the dual modulation inputs and dedicated low pass, high pass and band pass/notch outputs. This filter responds beautifully to audio rate FM and you can self-patch to get even more interesting filter responses.

Adjust the Q for a sharp howl or use it as a sine VCO.

Features :

  • Dedicated 2-pole Low pass filter (LP) and 2-pole High pass filter (HP) outputs
  • Switchable Bandpass filter (BP) and Notch filter (N) output
  • Optional +6dB input boost and asymmetric clipping circuit
  • PITCH input tracks 1V/Oct accurately over 4+ octaves
  • FM CV input with attenuverter
  • Capable of generating very low distortion sine waves from 2Hz to 20kHz when driven to self-oscillation (Max Q)
  • Current Draw : 27mA @ +12V / 30mA @ -12V
  • Deep 35mm
  • 20hp
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