Intellijel USB Extender 3U & 1U

USB Micro Extender module for your eurorack in 1U & 3U.

€ 48,00
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Bring that USB connector to the front!

Designed for the Metropolix 1.4 MIDI update, the USB Extender comes with 1U and 3U panels. The 3U panel, includes a dual passive mult, which is great for splitting output signals to other modules.

Features :

  • 2HP 3U panel with dual passive mult.
  • 2HP 1U alternate panel without mult.
  • 60CM Right-Angle Micro USB to Micro USB cable.
  • Deep : 40mm
  • Current Draw : 0
  • 2HP

NOTE: the 3U and 1U versions of this are bundled together as one produc

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