8 Voice Eurorack FM Synthesizer module for eurorack.

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Modular System, VCOs

Jomox Mod FM 8 Voice Eurorack FM Synthesizer is an extremely flexible, intuitive and richly featured 4-OP FM sound generator for your modular system.
Remember DX100, TX81Z and friends? The 4-operator FM synthesizers hardly trail their bigger relatives with six operators (e.g. DX7) in terms of cult status. Reason enough for Jomox to take on this popular and famous type of sound generation (Lately Bass, anyone?). The result is a feature-laden Eurorack module, whose 4 operators can be conveniently accessed via a matrix with 16 knobs on the left side of the unit. Each operator can be frequency modulated by the other three and offer individual adjustment of the fundamental frequency as well as various overtone modes for detailed sound exploration. There are 26 algorithms based on the Yamaha DX9, which can be edited together using the matrix. The unit's eight voices can be passed through either the individual outs on the right side or the stereo mix out.

Each voice runs through the analog 4-pole lowpass / 2-pole multimode (LP/BP/HP) filter, which is inspired by the SSM2240 filter and was formerly found in Oberheim synths, the early Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 or Octave The Cat SRM II. Mixable to the filter is an (analog) metal noise source, which extends the sound potential even further. Both filters can be mixed independently and have ADSR envelopes as well as their own cutoff LFO, which has access to 64 waveforms just like the 2 LFOs per synth voice. Furthermore it can be switched to VCO mode to provide classic analog basses or string pads - if needed. The fast transistor VCAs also used in Jomox drum products make Mod FM a specialist for modern electronic drum and percussion sounds. The parameters can be conveniently controlled via a total of over 30 knobs and pushbuttons.
In terms of modulation, each voice has its own CV/gate inputs, and there are also external CV modulations for modulating each operator individually or controlling the FM envelopes, for example.
On the communications side, there is MIDI in and out in TRS Type A format, as well as a MIDI-compatible USB-C port... in addition to the CV options. FX include an optionally beat-synced delay and a reverb. Mod FM is fully multitimbral, so each voice in multimode can create its own sound, which can also be saved as such in a Multi-Set.


  • Eight-voice fully multitimbral FM synth

  • 4 operators per voice

  • Full modulation matrix with 26 algorithms inspired by the Yamaha DX9

  • 2 LFOs/VCOs per voice

  • CV/gate input for each of the eight voices

  • Single Audio-output for each of the eight voices

  • Stereo mix out

  • True audio FM modulation inputs

  • True analog filter per voice with 24dB LP out and continuously blendable
  • 12dB multimode filter out (LP/BP/HP)

  • Analog VCAs per voice

  • TRS MIDI type A

  • USB-C jack

  • Effects: Digital reverb, stereo delay FX

  • Full storage of all settings (including CV values)

  • 128 presets, 118 multisets

  • 2x 128x64 pixel OLED displays
  • Current Draw : 370 mA +12V / 170 mA -12V
  • Deep : 40mm
  • 56HP
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