Klavis Grainity

Digitally-controlled full-analog granular + multimode VCF module for eurorack.

€ 309,00
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Modular System, Filters

The Grainity brings a unique and never-heard-before concept to the world of analog VCF. 
While being based on analog filtering only, the Grainity expands and enriches the sound in creating subharmonics, harmonies, unison, flanging effects and formant filtering all at once.

The module presents two sections, the granular filter itself and a typical multimode filter, each with its own output. 
A third output offers a mix of both filter paths. Numerous controls and CV allow a very wide palette of results.

Features :

  • Unique concept of granular VCF
  • 100% analog audio path
  • Two simultaneous filter flows, Granular VCF and Multimode VCF, with separate outputs
  • Mixing of both filter’s output to a dedicated out
  • Phase inversion switching between the two filters
  • Shared frequency and resonance controls
  • Multimode filter with various types and poles
  • Self-resonance capability
  • Granular filter with unique controls:
    ◦ Structure selection from a predefined list
    ◦ Division to extend the grains length
    ◦ Phase setting of the cycling point
    ◦ Tracking and offset tuning of the cycles
  • Detect input for cycling unrelated to audio input
  • 7 CV inputs to control all settings
  • Current settings maintained over power cycle
  • Firmware update via a simple audio file
  • Scratch-resistant printed aluminum panel
  • Compact and skiff-friendly module
  • Current Draw : 101 mA +12v / 59 mA -12v
  • 21mm Deep
  • 10HP
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