Knobula Pianophonic

8 Voice Multi-Oscillator Wavetable Synthesizer in eurorack format.

€ 507,99
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Combining the power of multi-oscillator wavetable synthesis with the percussive detail of sampled sounds, Pianophonic is a powerful hybrid synth engine featuring 8 voices of polyphony. Not limited to Piano sounds, the voice architecture of Pianophonic is extremely versatile and easy to use with the essential controls laid bare on the front panel, and the most significant CV inputs and outputs provided for full integration within eurorack patches.

Taking its inspiration from the wavetable/sampler keyboards of the 90s, Pianophonic revisits a lean and mean approach to digital sound creation but instead with 24bit 48Khz quality and fingertip control of the parameters that really matter.
With a built in SD card and an online re-synthesise utility, allowing users to create their own sound banks, the possibilities for sound exploration are limitless.

Features :

  • Current Draw : 100 mA +12V / 20 mA -12V
  • Deep : 35mm
  • 12HP
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