Korg Minilogue XD Module

4-part polyphonic analog synthesizer module.

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The Korg minilogue xd module follows the proven, direct operating concept of its predecessors and also offers exciting new features. The clearly arranged four-voice instrument presents itself as a desktop module and can be played directly via the switchable 16 keys. A total of 500 memory locations provide space to store and work out your own sounds. The Polyphon, Unisono, Chord and Arpeggiator modes are available for creative use of the voices.

In addition to the two powerful analog oscillators with variable waveforms, there is now a new type of digital oscillator that accommodates various simplified sound generation modes (a total of 32 variants), including four noise modes. The generated spectrum is supplemented by hard sync, ring modulation and cross modulation. The filter is balanced analog with a slightly biting touch.

The sound is refined with a rich effect palette that literally draws on 35 different modulation effects such as phaser, chorus, flanger etc., 20 different delays and 18 reverb variants.

The minilogue xd module also features a polyphonic step sequencer which, together with the currently active voice assignment, can conjure up different results from the same sequence. Up to four parameters can be recorded and played back in the sequencer, making the patterns come alive and the hands free after input. Before the sound is delivered to the audio outputs, the last instance is a high-resolution OLED display, which displays the waveform of the sound in real time. It shouldn't go unmentioned that the xd module has two assignable CV inputs; modularists should be especially pleased about this feature.

Also new is the Poly-Chain Mode (from OS1.10 on both devices) which allows to connect any two devices of the minilogue xd series and thus double the number of votes from four to eight. In addition to the data connection via MIDI, please note that double the number of audio inputs is required at the DAW or mixing console.

Features :

  • 4-part polyphonic analog synthesis
  • 2 analog VCOs plus digital multi-engine per voice
  • Micro Tuning
  • High-quality digital effects
  • Expandable by user oscillators and user effects
  • polyphonic 16-step sequencer
  • oscilloscope display
  • 500 memory locations
  • Poly-Chain Mode

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