Make Noise Morphagene

Tape and microsound Eurorack module featuring VC parameters.

€ 650,00
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Modular System, VCOs

20HP tape and microsound Eurorack module featuring VC parameters, stereo I/O and 24-bit codec. The Morphagene is a next generation music module that uses Reels, Splices and Genes to create new sounds from those that already exist. Splice recorded audio and jumble it using Organize or manipulate playback speed and direction with Vari-Speed. Granularise with Gene-Size and Slide, then layer or stagger genes using Morph.

Features :

  • New Revision Morphagene Firmware MG137
  • Voltage Control over all Sound Manipulation Parameters
  • Stereo I/O with Auto Input Levelling
  • Recording Reel can be up to 87s Long
  • Record/Create up to 99 Splices Per Reel
  • SD Card Stores Multiple Reels
  • Sound On Sound
  • Playback & Recording Independent
  • Vari-Speed Range 12x Semitones Up & 26x Down, Over 3x Octaves
  • 24-Bit Codec, Creates 48k 32-Bit WAV Files
  • Backup Reels on Computer with SD Card
  • Includes Blank SD Card
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