Mario Nieto World Harmony Bloom

Midi Generator VST3 • AU • AUv3 • Standalone for Windows, MacOS and IOS

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Harmony Bloom is a MIDI generator merging polyrhythmic patterns with beautiful visuals. Send MIDI data to any device that accepts it, unlocking a range of musical possibilities.

Harmony Bloom aims to effortlessly create magical sequences while letting users add their personality. It offers many parameters for customisation or randomisation until the desired result is achieved.

Visual Magic

The Circle Central displays notes clearly and creatively, linking each one to form pleasant patterns that boost creativity and make creating more enjoyable.

Keyboard Mode

Control it from your MIDI keyboard, activating or deactivating the sequence and transposing it based on the note sent, or use it freely and independently.

Note Collections

It features 57 meticulously chosen note collections to cover a wide range of sounds.

Random advanced controls

It has a Global Random button that randomizes all (controls can be excluded), creating new states with each press. Each control also has its own random button for quick, surprising changes.

Number of Notes

From simple melodies to complex musical patterns ranging from 2 up to 82 notes, this allows for a wide variety of musical shapes.

Quantized and Free Offset

You control note distances, either quantized for equal timing and direct rhythms, or free for total flexibility. You can also combine both methods.

Probability Function

This function enables the creation of dynamic and randomized musical patterns by triggering notes according to a specified probability percentage. A setting of 0% indicates that there is no chance of notes being triggered, while 100% ensures that notes will be triggered with certainty.

Sync DAW tempo or not

It can sync with your DAW bpm or not, ensuring what you generate always fits your project.

Random Velocity Generator

Velocity Range Controller with V.MIN and V.MAX for setting minimum and maximum note velocities, and a Randomize Velocity button for dynamic, human-like velocity variation within defined limits. Perfect for nuanced control and expressive playback.

Trigger Bars

The sequencer has 8 points to activate or deactivate. Click the circles around it to toggle a trigger bar, triggering a note when it reaches an activated bar.

Speed Offset

controls the timing between notes: for values from 0.0 to 1.0, notes progressively speed up from the center outward; for values between 0.0 and -1.0, notes slow down from the center outward.

Scale and Root selector

Offers 57 musical scales or modes, ensuring notes fit the selected scale for consistent melody and harmony in your music.

Midi Learn

Many parameters in Harmony Bloom can be controlled using MIDI CC. Right-click on a parameter, select “LEARN MIDI ASSIGNMENT,” and control your parameters from an external controller.

Create edit and share presets.

Presets can be easily saved and shared with other users as files. 
Compatible with any DAW

It works with most DAWs supporting VST3 and AU formats like Ableton, Logic, Bitwig, Cubase, Reaper, FL Studio, Studio One, etc.

Full and direct support with the creator of Harmony Bloom.

Got questions about how to install it? Something not working as expected? Any suggestions for improvement? I’m Mario, and I’ll personally respond to any questions or suggestions you have.

MIDI Capture: Capture and record MIDI sequences efficiently within the app.

Easily export MIDI sequences with the “MIDI Export Button” to a designated folder, or use “DragDrop MIDI Export” to intuitively drag and drop them into a DAW or desired location for streamlined processing.

Multi output

Trigger Bars can be mapped to be sent through different independent MIDI channels. Additionally, it is possible to select the octave for each trigger bar independently.

System Requirements

Harmony Bloom is available for MacOS and Windows, functioning as an AU/VST3 plug-in. To run it on Mac or Windows, the following specifications or higher are required:

  • For MacOS:
    ◦ Version 10.14 (Mojave) or higher.
    ◦ Intel Core i5 processor / Native Apple Silicon support.
    ◦ 4GB of RAM.
  • For Windows:
    ◦ Windows 10 or higher.
    ◦ Intel Core i5 processor.
    ◦ 4GB of RAM.
  • An initial internet connection is required for license activation.

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