Neutral Labs Elmyra 2 Desktop

Desktop version 4-voice digital/analog hybrid drone synthesizer.

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Digital/analog hybrid platform for microtonal sonic exploration

The successor to the widely acclaimed Elmyra, Elmyra 2 is a 4-voice digital/analog hybrid drone synthesizer and platform for microtonal sonic exploration, capable of creating anything from lush ambient soundscapes to gritty droning textures and shrieking noises, available as a 42 HP Eurorack module or semi-modular desktop synth. With 31 modulation targets, 4 polymetric sequencers, delay, additional per-voice effects, a choice of various filters, as well as onboard LFOs and utilities, it is essentially a purpose-built small modular system in itself. A set of preset cards (included) or electronic components like capacitors or diodes can be plugged into the front panel in order to change the sound character.

Features :

  • 4 independent voices activated by touch or CV
  • wavetable-based complex oscillator engine, up to 12 oscillators in total, 1V/octave compatible
  • chromatic mode makes chords and harmonic sounds possible, microtonal scales supported
  • 41 patch points
  • 31 modulation targets
  • touchpads with analog envelopes that can be used as modulation sourcesr
  • esonant filter switchable between:
    ◦ boomy and aggressive multimode 2-pole state variable filter (low-pass, band-pass, high-pass)
    ◦ creamy 4-pole low-pass ladder filter
  • delay with unhealthy amounts of feedback
  • lo-fi reverb
  • analog OUCH circuit: a unique combination of destructive distortion, waveshaping and filtering
  • sonic character can be customised by using special preset cards (set of 4 included) or components like diodes that can be plugged into the front panel
  • preset cards can be used with other Neutral Labs modules
  • external audio can be processed via audio input
  • 9 per-voice modulations and effects:
    ◦ unison detune
    ◦ dual sub-oscillators
    ◦ saturation
    ◦ bitmangler
    ◦ sample rate reduction
    ◦ noise
    ◦ high-pass filter
    ◦ low-pass filter
  • 2 LFOs: 1 sine, 1 complex morphable
  • 4 sequencers with arbitrary step length per voice (up to 128), allows polymetric structures
  • delay time and LFOs can be clock-synced or unsynced (tap tempo is also possible)
  • utilities
    ◦ dual attenuator/buffered multiple/voltage generator
    ◦ CV summing circuit
  • case made of plant-based bioplastic and native German oak wood
  • boutique synth handmade in Germany

Note: For sustainability reasons, the desktop version does not come with a USB power supply, just a USB-A to USB-C cable. You will need a 5V supply with a USB-A socket, such as a phone charger, power bank or laptop.

Note: Since this gets asked a lot, yes, the desktop version has a Eurorack power header and can be placed into a Eurorack. The desktop case however has 5V USB power and no Eurorack rails, you cannot use it as a 42 HP rack without modifications.

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