Neuzeit Instruments Orbit

Multilayered module which combines different sound processors.

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Orbit is a multilayered module which combines different sound processors. It features a bitcrusher with invertible bits, an harmonizer with up to five oscillations, a multimode filter and a simple equalizer to further shape the sound. 

With Orbit, a simple audio source can be transformed into a very complex and rich signal. The bitcrusher and harmonizer sections are mainly responsible for this. The filter helps to tame the signal and the sound can further be processed thanks to the built-in VCA and envelope.

It is possible to create an entire synth voice with only Orbit and an external VCO by playing Orbit’s envelope with a sequencer or keyboard.

Orbit can also be used as an effect device and manipulate complete synthesizer voices or entire mixes, creating new sound textures out of it.

The individual components can also be used separately (VCAs, envelope/LFO generator, filter, etc.).

The module can be self-patched to create experimental sounds. Orbit is a playground for experienced, but also for new Eurorack users.

Features :

  • Bitcrusher - with invertible bits
  • Harmonizer - with up to 5 oscillations
  • Multimode Filter - 12dB/Oct with Fade between LP/HP
  • Envelope Generator - with LFO function
  • Mixer - with VCAs for DRY and WET
  • Input mixer - with VCAs
  • Current Draw: 139mA at +12V and 97mA at -12V
  • Depth : 40mm
  • 24HP
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