Neuzeit Instruments Quasar

3D audio mixer module for your eurorack.

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Modular System, Mixers

Quasar is a 3D audio mixer with two audio inputs that uses binaural audio algorithms. You can seamlessly move sounds around your head, change the angle, height and distance in real time.

Quasar creates a 3D sound image by binaural audio processing. Two positions POS A and POS B are available, which you can virtually place and move at any angle, height and distance around your head. Realistic room reverb can also be added as another cue for distance perception. The audio signals at Input 1 and Input 2 can be flexibly routed to either or both positions via an internal matrix mixer. The coordinates of the positions can be set manually or manipulated by CV. For example, you can have sounds orbiting around you, coming from higher up or lower down, from the front or the back, moving towards or away from you.

All inputs also have digital high and lowpass filters, so that you can decide which frequency bands go to which position. In addition to POS A or B, however, you can also route the sound to the center position CNTR. The center position takes the input signal and distributes it evenly to the left and right ears without further processing. For example, you can route the low end to the center position and have the higher frequencies distributed to the outer A and B positions.

The module works best with headphones because the algorithm basically mimics the shape of the head and pinnae, which are responsible for our directional hearing. But even if you play the sound through speakers, you will hear a clear difference from classic panning. 
With its big aluminum knobs, LED rings, rubber potentiometers and mechanically solid components, Quasar is fun to use and invites to be creative. 


  • 2 mono inputs
  • Stereo Out (two single jacks + headphone stereo jack)
  • 2 CV inputs
  • Two large stepless encoders with aluminum knobs, RGB LED rings for setting and displaying parameters
  • OLED display for navigation and to show which parameter the encoders are currently controlling
  • CVs can be flexibly routed to all parameters, multiple destinations per CV, individual amount
  • Volume control potentiometers for inputs and outputs
  • Volume control potentiometers for the three positions A, B and Center.
  • Current Draw : 20mA at +12 V and 20mA at -12 V
  • Deep : 48mm
  • 14HP
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