Neuzeit Instruments WarpEx

WarpEx is an expander module that adds polyphony and MIDI to the Warp module.

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Modular System, VCOs

WarpEx is an expander module that adds polyphony and MIDI to Warp.

WarpEX adds classic MIDI and MPE to the main module, for which Warp is ideally suited due to its many unique timbre-shifting parameters. Warp's factory presets are already designed for MPE playability. Each note is transmitted on its own midi channel in MPE, so pitch bend is transmitted separately for each key pressed, as well as aftertouch and a CC (tilt) value. These are available in Warp's modulation matrix as separate sources and can be assigned to all destinations. This means that while holding down a key can increase the pressure and thus change the sound, but also that the position on which you touch the key has a further influence on the timbre. Some keyboards also support key tilt, which allows pitch and vibrato to be controlled for individual notes.

But WarpEx can also be used to control the voices individually via gate + CV, for example from a multi-track sequencer. Hybrid setups are also possible, where MIDI notes and control voltages are added and e.g. pitch offsets can be given via control voltage.

WarpEx is fully managed by the Warp master

Features :

  • 4HP
  • 4-Voice polyphony

  • MIDI input and MIDI Thru
  • MPE compatibility (MIDI polyphonic expression)

  • Dedicated trigger and V/Oct inputs for each voice

  • illuminated pushbutton to quickly toggle between the MIDI voice modes: Mono, Poly and MPE.


  • ± 8 Volts (V/OCT)

  • 0.0 Volts to +5.0 Volts (TRIG and MIDI)

  • Overvoltage protection on all jacks.

  • 4 TRIG Inputs: Gate inputs for Voices 1-4

  • 4 V/Oct Inputs:  CV input for pitch of voices 1-4 (± 8V, up to low audio rate ~100Hz)

  • 1 MIDI In: Input Type-A for Midi signals. Use provided MIDI-to-DIN adapters.

  • Button Toggles between MIDI voice modes: Red = Mono, Blue = Poly, Purple = MPE (Poly)

Output :

  • Midi-Thru, 5v signal
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