Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas Alia Black

Digital oscillator inspired by the last millennium on a swappable 10HP oscillator platform.

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Modular System, VCOs

Ataraxic Iteritas Alia is a voltage-controlled oscillator based on the original Ataraxic Translatron but beefed up with a suboscillator and performable hold button. Sound starts with one of three bit tables shaped via variable interpolation that is then scrolled through, amplitude modulated, folded, and distorted by the CV-controllable front panel controls. Subby basses, metallic drones, unrelentingly digital timbres, and more are all to be had from the AIA. Plus we added a dedicated suboscillator out to make your patches even more extreme. Guaranteed to make the fax machine jealous.

AIA is available on our 10HP Alia oscillator platform. Buy an Alia module and use the included USB cable to connect to the Noise Engineering Customer Portal and check out any other Alia firmware, free of charge, any time. More info can be found on the World of Alia page here. Hotswappable overlays are also available, so you can easily panel your module to match your firmware, no assembly required.

Features :

  • 10HP Eurorack
  • +12v:100mA
  • -12v: 15mA
  • Ataraxic - pertaining to a lucid state of robust tranquility - from Greek Ataraxia with suffix -ic "pertaining to
  • Iteritas - repetitiousness - from Latin itero "repeat" with suffix -tas "state of being"
  • Alia - another, other from Latin alia "other", also marine animals, or salty from Greek "halia"
  • “Endless sea lion tranquility”
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