Noise Engineering Jam Jam Black

3-channel trigger, gate, and clock processor module for eurorack.

€ 269,00
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3-channel trigger, gate, and clock processor capable of delays, probability, and clock phasing.

Jam Jam is a versatile and fun trigger-and-gate processor with four individually adjustable and CV-able channels. The three modes pack incredible functionality into the tiny 6hp package.

Random mode turns the module into four individually adjustable probability processors, great for adding variety to a patch.

In Clock Phase mode, the module adjusts incoming clock phase based on clock period. Use this to adjust sequencer timing or to create sequences that drift out of sync and then back in with CV.

Use Gate Delay mode as a simple trigger delay to help keep things in sync in your patch or for creative patching: dial in shifts in the timing of events from sub-millisecond adjustments to huge delays of over 15 seconds.

Jam Jam is a musical and fun utility sure to find a use in every patch.

Features :

  • 6HP
  • Current Draw : +12v: 40mA / -12v: 10mA

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