Noise Engineering Nive Grad Black

Brings things up to Eurorack level, then bring them down again. Twice !

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Nive Grad is a stereo or dual-mono level shifter. Bring guitars, external effects, or line-level synths up to Eurorack levels, then bring the Eurorack signals back down to line and pedal levels. With a simple-to-patch interface and a compact size, Nive Grad is an easy and straightforward way to integrate Eurorack with the rest of your gear!

Nive Grad features a high (1M) input impedance so it's compatible with passive guitars.
Nive Grad was built to pair well with Xer Mixa, but will work with any mixer or Eurorack setup.

Features :

  • 4HP Eurorack
  • Current Draw : +12v:25mA / -12v: 25mA
  • Nive from Latin niveum - "level"
  • Grad from Latin grad - "step or degree"
  • "Some degree of level shift"

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